Why Godors™ Spray Works 

  • A blend of alcohols
  • Mixed with a antifungal solution

         (Patented Formula contains Tea Tree Oil & Olive Leaf Extract) 

  • Testing shows it kills both bacteria and fungi
  • Highly concentrated
  • Fun Bubble Gum fragrance
  • This cute little guy doesn't smell anymore.

I have to find a solution!

"You sweat it.  

Godors gets it."


Because we lived in an apartment, we had no place to dry out the family's hockey gear.  My husband was forced by the family to keep his gear in the back of his pickup truck.  When people walked by the parked truck on the street, they would gasp.  It was a big problem.
I bought every odor neutralizing product I could get my hands on.  None of them worked.  When I read the label, I discovered they consisted mostly of water. No wonder they didn't work!  Adding water just makes gear wet-right?  And the worst part was these sprays smelled like old ladies. 

And yes...that is a jock drying out on the Wii Drum Set.  Nasty!

As a newly retired mom with 30 years experience in the cosmetic and special effects makeup industry, I knew chemicals and the need to keep your makeup germ free.  Why can't I make a spray? So I started blending alcohols, and antifungul solutions with different fragrances and Godors™ was formulated.  Gear smells because of bacteria but mostly because of fungus.  Kill the bacteria and the fungi and you kill the smell.

Before I knew it, even my husband's gear was allowed back in the apartment.  I started making it for other players and friends.  Filling up their bottles. The demand quickly started to increase.  It was like I almost had to keep making it!  It was my mission to stop this horrible odor and all the germs it meant.  I invested in bottles and started manufacturing the product on a large scale.

Godors™ is concentrated, non-toxic, biodegradable and it works.


The Athletic Gear Spray 

Godors™ a proud sponsor

of the Providence Bruins 


  Excellent fund raising    

  opportunity for  hockey  

  organizations. #Fundraising

Godors eliminates odor quickly and effectively. Perfect for after P.E. or for stinky gym bags. The revolutionary spray kills 99.9% of bacteria and 46% of fungi in less than five minutes, effectively eliminating the root of bad odors instead of just masking it. www.godors.com

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What's wrong with this picture?


That's not Godors in the display.

Pro Shops sell out of Godors so fast, then they try to unload their old spray in our display.

We take that as a compliment.

Fans - Videos and Pictures

Thanks so much to our fans at Colorado's Best especially Korie L. Johnson (Supervising Director), Joana Canals (Host) and Paula Haddock (host) for their awesome review of Godors.  Keeping precious little angels like Korie's boys germ free and smelling good was our goal from the beginning.  #Coloradosbest #Fox31 

Thanks for this photo. We had to post it because  my NYC family loves to ski and loves the mountains.  Did you know that Godors is great at fixing stinky ski boots.  Can't wait to get our families together for an awesome day on the slopes!  #skiing

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Godors™ formula is available in several different sizes.    
12 oz. Spray Bottle, 2 oz. Travel Size and 1.7ml Purse Size.  
Not shown is the new 32 oz. Refill

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